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“I enjoy the challenge of leading a team charged with expanding Foord Asset Management's global footprint.”

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Successful investors realise the value in seeing beyond tomorrow.

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Foord Global Equity Fund

Investment Objective
A USD-priced fund domiciled in Singapore, the Foord Global Equity Fund aims to achieve optimum risk adjusted total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of global securities.

Investor Profile
Investors who require long-term capital growth from a portfolio of global equities and who are able to withstand volatility in the short- to medium-term.

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Fund Price Snapshot

Fund Date Price ($) % Change
FGEF 27/03/2017 13.72
FIF 27/03/2017 37.2
FIT 27/03/2017 36.82
FGEF(L) 27/03/2017 11.46

A Focus on Investment Stewardship

Foord was founded on the belief in the stewardship of investments. Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of an interest entrusted to the steward’s care and keeping. It is the act of caring for but also improving that interest over time. Stewardship implies a relationship of trust.

All investment stewardship by definition involves investment management. But not all investment management is investment stewardship. Stewardship adds to mere investment management a heightened sense of responsibility and caring devotion that we strive to exercise in the stewardship of our investors’ wealth.

At Foord, we recognise the responsibility of care and the duty of service we owe to our investors. We know there is a symbiosis between the investors’ interests and our own as the steward: manage their wealth well and the steward also benefits. Simply put, our investors come first. And our success is a direct result of their success.

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At the Meet the Team investor functions in November, MIKE SOEKOE discussed Foord’s outlook for investment markets in 2017. Mike’s presentation focused on capital preservation, as well as the effect of uncertainty and extreme volatility on investors' decisions. This article is an overview of his presentation.

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